DANCES + Vidéos

 Saison 2023-2024

Reventin: Débutant  /  Novice / Intermédiaire Avancé 

 / Ste Catherine / Mornant

AA "Linda Scott"

AB Wild Hearts "Steve Cavanaugh"

* An Absolute Dream "Joyce Plaskett"

Bill's Basic "Bill Ray"

* Border Collie "Chrystel Durand & Brayan Bogey"

* Cowboy Madison "David Linger"

* Country Nights "Maggie Gallagher & Gary O'Reilly"

* Day To Feel Alive "Arnaud Marraffa & Séverine Fillion"

* Double Devil "Chrystel Durand"

* Face The Music "Maddison Glover"

* Get It Or Get Out "Maggie Gallagher"

* Ghosted "Niels Poulsen"

* Give Me Your Tempo "Nathan Gardiner"

* Good Rockin Daddy "Niels Poulsen"

* Here I Am Honey "JoséMiguelBelloqueVane,RoyVerdonk,JefCamps"

Irish Boots "Ivonne,Kate,Jef,Roy"

* Jersey Giant "Gudrun Schneider"

* Kiss Me "Mathieu L"huillier"

* Lucky Lips "Gary Lafferty"

* My Broken Heart "Gary O'Reilly"

* New Friends "Gary O'Reilly"

* Never Drinkiing Again "Lee Hamilton"

Out On The Dance Floor "Julie Snailham"

* Outta My Mind "Rob, Kate, Guillaume, Darren"

* Right Girl Wrong Time "Darren Bailey"

Road to Errogie "Chrystel Arréou & Sylvie Tortuyaux-Villemaux"

* That Honky Tonk Highway "Maggie Shipley"

* Til The Neons Gone "Darren Bailley"

* Too Drunk To Drive "Frédéric Marchand"

* We're Good to Go "Rob Fowler"

* Whiskey On The Shelf "Gary O'Reilly & Maggie Gallagher"

* Won't You Dance With Me "Brenda Holcomb"



RECAPITULATIF Saison 2022-2023

Débutant  /  Novice/Inter easy / Intermédiaire Avancé 

 / Ste Catherine / Mornant

* 1 2 Snap "Maggie Gallagher"

* 2 Stepping Away "Daren, Rob, Kate"

AA "Linda Scott"

AB Wild Hearts "Steve Cavanaugh"

Always Humble "Willie Brown"

Bill's Basic "Bill Ray"

* Country Night "Maggie Gallagher & Gary O'Reilly"

* Cowboy Madison "David Linger" 

* Crazy S "Séverine Fillion"

Crystal Cha "Maddison Glover"

* Daytona Sand "Chrystel Durand, Syndie Berger & Guillaume Richard"

* Double Devil "Chrystel Durand & Séverine Fillion"

* Dim The Lights "Maddison Glover & Simon Ward"

* DNA "Chrystel Durand"

Easy Dance "Séverine Fillion & Guillaume Roussel"

* Fish In The Sea "Chrystel Durand"

* For My Money "MC Gil"

* Have a Broken Heart "Brayan Bogey"

For My Money "Marie-Claude Gil"

* Get It Or Get Out "Maggie Gallagher"

* Irish Boots "Ivonne,Kate,Jef,Roy"

* Here We Go "Gary O'Reilly & Maggie Gallagher"

Jersey Giant "Gudrun Schneider"

* Knock Off "Guylaine,Chrystel,Julie,Stéphane,Nicolas,Niels"

Lucky Lips "Gary Lafferty"

Make It "Rob Fowler"

* Mama & Me "Gary O'Reilly"

Married Alone "Magalie Chabret"

Martha Divine "Tina Argyle"

Mellow Moonlight "Magalie Chabret"

Mighty Fine "Ria Vos"

* No Truck Song "Stéphane Cormier"

* On The Road Again "Guillaume Richard"

Out On The Dance Floor "Julie Snailham"

* Road House Rock "Rob Fowler"

* Rock N Roll Found Me "Chrystel Durand"

Southern Soul Bounce "Roy Verdonk & Ira Weisburd"

* Storm & Stone "Maddison Glover"

The Morning After "Gary O'Reilly"

The Road "Arnaud Marraffa"

Thelma "Darren Bailey"

Through Your Eyes "Maggie Gallagher"

* Til The Neons Gone "Darren Bailey"

We're Good To Go "Rob Fowler"

* When You're Drunk "Heather Barton"

When Will I Be Loved "Gary O'Reilly"

* Westville Stomp "Rob Fowler"

* Whiskey On The Shelf "Gary O'Reilly & Maggie Gallagher"

Without Me "Marie-Claude Gil"


RECAPITULATIF Saison 2021-2022

Débutant  /  Novice/Inter easy / Intermédiaire Avancé 

 / Ste Catherine


An Absolute Dream "Joyce Plaskett"

Back To The Start "Hayley Wheatley"

* Bella Ciao  "Fabien et Nadège  Regoli"

* Belle Louisiana  "Wil Bos"

* Bill's Basic "Bill Ray"

BK Cowboy "Michele Burton"

Bottle In My Hand "Yvonne Krause-Shenck"

* Corn "Rob Fowler"

* Country Boy Lovin' "Maddison Glover"

* Cowboy Madison "David Linger" 

* Crazy Song "Séverine Fillion & Brayan Bogey"

Dance Darlin' "Yvonne Anderson"

Dead Or In Jail "Antonella Fedi"

Easy Dance "Séverine Fillion & Guillaume Roussel"

Enjoy The Night' "Adela Robak & Gwendoline Hopin/FR"

For My Money "Marie-Claude Gil"

* I'm On My Way "Maggie Gallagher"

* Jerusalema "Colin Ghys (Bel) & Alison Johnstone (Nuline)

* Kissed A Cowboy "Jose Miguel Belloque & Ivonne Verhagen"

* Love Ain't "Darren Bailey"

Make That Call "Maggie Gallagher & Gary O'Reilly"

Martha Divine "Tina Argyle"

* My First Country "Jean-Claude Cherpion"

Nickajack "Rob Fowler"

Playboys "Karl-Harry Winson"

Raised Like That "Darren Bailey"

* Remember D "Chrystel Arréou & Sylvie Tortuyaux-Villemaux" arrivée 2° au PCRAA 2021

* Reunited "Niels Poulsen"

Rock & Roll Found Me "Chrystel Durand"

* Same Boat "Rachel McEnaney"

* Second Hand Heart "Maggie Gallagher"

Some Kind Of Wonderful' "Gary O'Reilly"

Something You Love "Maggie Gallagher"

Sundown Swing "Darren Tubridy, Elaine Cook, Rob Fowler & ICE" arrivée 1ère au PCRAA 2021

Sweet Ireland "Gary O'Reilly"

Take me home "Karen Tripp"

Til You Can't  "Gary O'Reilly"

Time To Let Go "Rob Fowler & Debbie Ellis"

Toot Toot "Linda Burguess"

* Train Wreck "Niels Poulsen"

* Wayfaring Stranger "Joyce Nicholas"

What We're Made Of "Dan Albro"

* Wintergreen "Maggie Gallagher"

* Won't You Dance With Me "Brenda Holcomb"


RECAPITULATIF Saison 2020-2021

Et depuis le confinement "corona" voici les dances via Zoom listées ci-dessous et dont vous retrouverez les vidéos à l'emplacement habituel. 

Débutant  /  Novice/Inter easy / Intermédiaire Avancé 

 / Ste Catherine



* BY & BY "Chrystel Durand"

CRYSTAL TOUCH "Claire Bell & Maddison Glover"

 DRINK DRANK DRUNK  "Heather Barton & Lee Hamilton"

GEORGE STRAIT "Séverine Fillion"

HEART OF THE SOUTH "Yvonne Anderson & Rob Fowler"

I'VE SEEN IT ALL "Gary O'Reilly"

LITTLE LESS BROKEN "Maddison Glover"

MAKE THAT CALL "Maggie Gallagher & Gary O'Reilly"

MAMA'S FAVORITE SONG "Martine & Hervé Canonne, Guerric Auville, Delphine Zammit, Catherine Uchon"

PLAYBOYS "Karl-Harry Winson"

PRETTY GIRL "Gary O'Reilly & Maggie Gallagher"

* REMEMBER D "Chrystel Arréou & Sylvie Tortuyaux-Villemaux" arrivée 2° au PCRAA 2021



SOUL SHAKE "Fred Whitehouse"

SUNDOWN SWING "Darren Tubridy, Elaine Cook, Rob Fowler & ICE" arrivée 1ère au PCRAA 2021

TAKE ME HOME "Maddison Glover" arrivée 4° au PCRAA 2021

TOOT TOOT "Linda Burguess"


WHERE OH WHERE "Jo Thompson-Szymanski"


 Débutant  /  Novice/Inter easy / Intermédiaire Avancé

 / Ste Catherine


Bonaparte's retreat "Maddison Glover"

* Done "Darren Bailey"

Dust "Victor Manuel Rodriguer Alvarez"

Floor it "Rob Fowler"

Getting Good "Séverine Fillion & Chrystel Durand"

Gone West "Gary O'Reilly & Maggie Gallagher"

* Hot Mamma P "Rob Fowler"

* Jerusalema "Colin Ghys & Alison Johnstone"

Legend "Robbie McGowan & Karl Harry Winson"

Love Ain't "Darren Bailey"

* Majestic "Gary O'Reilly)

* On veut des légendes "Marie-Claude Gil"

* Soul Shake "Fred Whitehouse"

SUNDOWN SWING "Darren Tubridy, Elaine Cook, Rob Fowler & ICE

Take me home "Karen Tripp"

When You Smile "José Miguel Belloque&Roy Verdonk"


RECAPITULATIF Saison 2019-2020

  Débutant  /  Novice/Inter easy / Intermédiaire Avancé

 / Ste Catherine


# Redneck "Séverine Fillion"

* 24 Reasons "Rob Fowler"

Anyone else "Marie-Claude Gil"

- Bad Fiddling "Séverine Fillion & Chrystel Durand"

Bonaparte's retreat "Maddison Glover"

* Bud Light Blue "Darren Bailey"

* Dust "Victor Manuel Rodriguer Alvarez"

Easy Twist "Séverine Fillon

Floor it "Rob Fowler"

* Hot Mama P "Rob Fowler"

* Legend "Robbie McGowan & Karl Harry Winson"

Lonely Blues "Rachel McEnaney"

Magnolia Lotta "Martine Cannone"

Nothing But You "Darren Bailey"

Novocaine Kiss "Rob, Kate Sala & Darren Bailey"

Radio Song "Martine Canonne"

Sea y a Cecilia "Rob Fowler et Laura Sway"

Senorita Ez "Vicky Hamilton"

* Snap "Vivienne Scott"

Strait To The Bar "Dan Albro"

Take me home "Karen Tripp"

Th Guest Ranch "David Villellas & Montse"

- The South "Marie Claude Gil"

These old boots "Rob Fowler"

Waves Of Love "Gary O'Reilly"


RECAPITULATIF Saison 2018-2019

 Débutant  /  Novice/Inter easy / Intermédiaire Avancé


Bella Ciao  "Fabien et Nadège  Regoli"

Bloodline "Tina Argyle"

Brokenhearted  "Gary Lafferty"

Celtic Duo  "Maggie Gallagher"

* Cheri cheri lady "Ria Vos"

* Cloud 9 "Tina Argyle"

* Codigo  "Pat Stott"

* Damn "Rob Fowler"

* Day of the dead "Dan Albro" 

Desirable "Chrystel Durand"

* Diane "Kate Sala"

Don't be cruel "David Linger"

* Down on your uppers "Gary O'Reilly"

Every Step In The Book "Pat Stott"

Everybody Dance and Sing "Roger Neff"

* Eyes on you "José miguel Belloque Vane, Daniel Trepat & Sebastiaan Holtland" 

* Ghost town "Arnaud Marraffa"

Half a cha "Rob Fowler"

* Havana Cha "Ria Vos" 

* Hit the Diff "Guylaine Bourdages"

Hold the line "Arnaud Marraffa" 

* John Henry "Arnaud Marraffa et Nolwenn Bertin"

* Love takes time "Séverine Fillon"

* Nothing but you "Darren Bailey"

* Small Town summer "Karl-Harry Winson"

* Strong Bounds "Séverine Fillion & Bruno Moggia"

* Sweet Hurt "Ria Vos"

Texas Time "Alan Birchall  & Jacqui Jax"

Thank you "Tina Argyle" 

 Where I come from"Séverine `Fillon"

*  Young again "Heather Barton"


Ci-dessous par ordre Alpha et Couleur pour les différents niveaux... et dans l'onglet "Les Danses par niveau" vous trouverez le détail

                    lien vers "Les Danses par niveau"


RECAPITULATIF Saison 2017-2018

Ci-dessous par ordre Alpha et Couleur pour les différents niveaux... et dans l'onglet "Les Danses par niveau" vous trouverez le détail

                    lien vers "Les Danses par niveau"


 Débutant  /  Novice/Inter1  / Intermédiaire2 / Avancé


* A country high  "Norman Gifford"

* Andalouse "Fabien Rigoli" 

An absolute dream "Joyce Plasket" 

* Be there in your morning "Micaela Svensson Erlandsson"  

Blackpool By The Sea "Gaye Teather"

Bullfrog on a log "Cef Decaney"

* Bush party "Gudrun Schneider" 

* Cowboy madison "David Linger" 

* Champagne Promise "Tina Argyle"

* Chasing Down A Good Time (New 18/09/17) "Dan Albro"

Clear Isabel "Flo Morxsteps"

Darling stand by me "Flo Morxsteps"

*  Dig your heels "Madison Glover"

Doin'me wrong "Chrystell Durand"

Don't let her be gone  "Marie-Claude Gil"

Empty space "Maria Maag"

* Expectations "Francien Sittrop"

* Greater Than me "Maggie Gallagher"

Gypsy Queen "Hazel Pace"

* I Got a woman "Darren Bailley"

I'm Free "New 26/09/17" "R.Sarlemijn, R.Verdonk & Jill Babinec"

 Katchi "Rob Fowler"

Let it bay be "Tina Argyle"

Lonely Drum "David Mitchell"

* Love on the brain   "Fabien Regoli"

Love someone "Kate Sala"  

* Moo Dee Blues "Dee Musk"

*  Mountains to the sea "Maggie Gallagher"

Rain  "Kate Sala"

* Remember The Days (New 25/09/17) "Niels Poulsen"

* Roots "Tina Argyle"

* Sinatra "Alison Bigs & Peter Metelnik"

Seven "Stefano Civa"

* Sofia (New 09/01/17)  "Francien Sittrop"

* So just a dance dance dance (New 02/01/17)

    "Jose Miguel Belloque  Vane & Guillaume Richard "

* Subime la radio "Esmeralda v.d, Roy Verdonk & Jill Babines"

Sweet Caroline "Darren Bailey"

* The harvester "Séverine Fillon"

The violin   "Kate Sala"

Thing  "Garry Lafferty"

* Twist and turns (New 07/11/16) "Maddison Glover"

Well do ya "Kim Ray"

Wonder   "Severine Fillon, Rob Fowler, Roy Verdonk"

* WWW.WEST "Rob Fowler & Shelly Guichard"


RECAPITULATIF Saison 2016-2017

Mis à jour le 19/06/2017

Ci-dessous par ordre Alpha et Couleur pour les différents niveaux... et dans l'onglet "Les Danses par niveau" vous trouverez le détail

                    lien vers "Les Danses par niveau"


 Débutant  /  Novice/Inter1  / Intermédiaire2 / Avancé


* Always 17 "Kate Sala"..... PCRAA

* Ain't Misbehavin (New 06/02/17) GuytonMundy,JoThomson,AmyGlass"

American Kids "Randy Pelletier"

An Absolute Dream "Joyce Plasket"

Another Country (New 03/04/17) "Bruno Morel"

Belfast Polka  (New**) "Syndie Berger"

* Big Blue Tree "Ria Vos"... PCRAA

Big City Summertime (New** 03/10/2016) "Darren Bailey"

* Blessed (New 29/05/17) "Jackie Miranda"

Bounty "Séverine Fillion"

* Bring on the good time (New**)"Maggie Gallagher"

* Bush Party (New 22/05/17) "Gudrun Schneider"

* Corn Don't Grow  "Tina Argyle"

* Cowboy madison "David Linger"

* Dear Friend (New 23/01/17) "Kate Sala"

* Greater Than me "Maggie Gallagher"

* Girl crush (New** 10/10/2016) "Rachael McEnaney"

* Gypsy Queen (New 14/11/16) "Hazel Pace"

* Happy Happy Happy (New 23/01/17) "Angeles Mateu Simon"

* Hold (New 28/11/16)  "Jgor Pasin"

* Holiday (New 28/11/16)  "Fabien Regoli"

* Indian Sound (New**) "Marcus Zeckert"

* LALALI (New 09/05/17) "Mario&Lilly Hollnsteiner"

* Lips so close (New** 26/09/2016) "Rafel Corbi"

Little Wagon Wheer Rock "Gaye Teather"

* Me And Bobby McGee (New 27/03/17)  "Guylaine&Guillaume"

*  Mountains to the sea "Maggie Gallagher"

* On The Waves (New 06/03/17) "Audrey Watson"

Patsy Fagan   "Francien Sittrop"

* Quiero (New 09/01/17)  "Ira Weisburd"

* Rain "New 10/10/2016"  "Kate Sala"

* Rain On Me  "Karl-Harry Winson"..

* Reality  "Wil Bos".... PCRAA

* Rock And Roll Music (New 06/03/17) "Rachel McEnaney"

* Sofia (New 09/01/17)  "Francien Sittrop"

* So just a dance dance dance (New 02/01/17)

  "Jose Miguel Belloque  Vane & Guillaume Richard "

Stay All Night (New 12/06/17) "Jef Camps"... PCRAA

* Step off (New 14/11/16) "Kiki Galy".... PCRAA

* Tango With Me Darling (New 13/03/17) "RobFowler & DanielWhittaker"

* The harvester "Séverine Fillon"

* Tornado  "Chrystel Durand"

* The Bomp (New 12/06/17) "Kim Ray" 

The Galway Gathering (New 09/01/17)"Maggie Gallagher"

* The Queen (New 28/11/16) "R.Lemaire G. Richard G. Bachellerie"

* Twist and turns (New 07/11/16) "Maddison Glover"

* We Are Tonight (New** 07/11/16) "Dan Albro"

* We only live once "Robbie McGowan)

* We Only Live Once (New** 17/10/2016) "Anna Korsgaard & Kirsthen Hansen"

* Well Do Ya (New 20/03/17) "Kim Ray"

* Your Heaven (New 15/05/17) "Niels Poulsen"



Ci-dessous le lien vers les chorées des COURS D'ETE 2016

lien vers les cours d'été 2016


RECAPITULATIF Saison 2015-2016

Mis à jour le 08/06/2016

Voilà le dernier cours a eu lieu,

ci-dessous le récapitulatif de la saison 2015-2016

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Débutant  /  Novice/Inter1  / Intermédiaire2 / Avancé

  • A Country High "Norman Gifford"
  • A Little Bit Gypsy(New**) "Neuville Fitzgerals&Julie Harris"
  • Adrénaline Rush "Maggie Gallagher"
  • Always 17 "Kate Sala"
  • American Kids (New) "Randy Pelletier"
  • An Absolute Dream "Joyce Plasket"
  • Angel In Blue Jeans "Peter Metelnick&AlisonBiggs"
  • Baby Belle  "Gaye Teather"
  • Be My Baby Now "Vicky StPierre & Rachel McEnaney"
  • Belfast Polka  "Syndie Berger"
  • Big Blue Tree (New***)   "Ria Vos"
  • Boogie Wonderland  "Darren Bailey"
  • Bounty "Séverine Fillion"
  • Bring Down The House "Stéphane Cormier & Denis Henley"
  • Bruises (Reprise*) "Niels Poulsen"
  • Bullfrog On A Log "Cef Decaney"
  • Camp One "Chatti The Valley"
  • Close To You "Pim Van Grootel&Raymond Sarlemijn"
  • Corn Don't Grow (New***)  "Tina Argyle"
  • Cowboy Charleston "Jeanette Hall & Tonya Miller"
  • Cowboy Dreams (New**) "Darren Bailey"
  • Cowboy Madison "David Linger"
  • Crazy For You "Robbie Mc Gowan Hickie"
  • Crocodile Roll  "Ira Weisburd,Alison Johnstone & David Hoyn"

  ° Don't Make Me Suffer (New***) "JoséBelloque,SebastiaanHoltland,RoyVerdonk"

  • Down To The River (New***) "Klara Wallman"
  • Drowning (New***) "Darren Bailey"
  • El Pardon (New***) "Sébastien Bonnier"
  • Fly High "Maggie Gallagher"
  • Golden Wedding Ring (New***) "Séverine Fillion"
  • Good Time Girls  "Karen Kennedy"
  • Greater Than Me "Maggie Gallagher"
  • He's Italiano "Wil Bos"
  • Heart Of An Angel "William Brown"
  • Here We Go  "Robbie McGowan Hickie"
  • Homegrown  New**) "Rachel McEnaney"
  • Imagine (New***) "GuylaineBourdages&GuillaumeRichard"
  • Indian Summer  "DarrenBailey&FredWhitehouse"
  • It's High Time  "Robbie McGowan Hickie"
  • Lay Low "Darren Bailley"
  • Let's Twist Again "Karen Tripp"
  • Little Wagon Wheerl Rock "Gaye Teather"
  • Locklin's Bar "Maggie Gallagher"
  • Love Is Like (New***) "Maggie Gallagher"
  • Mamma Maria "Frank Trace"
  • Mountains To The Sea "Maggie Gallagher"
  • Mona Lisa (New***) "Daniel Whittaker"
  • No Me Mires Mas "Sandrine Poy"
  • Obsesion "RoyHadisubroto&Jose MiguelBelloquevane"
  • Paradise City (New***) "KateSala, CraigBennett&Dap"
  • Patsy Fagan (New)  "Francien Sittrop"
  • Piano Man (New***) "Robbie McGowan & Tony Vassell"
  • Peligrosa  "Ria Vos"
  • Reality  "Wil Bos"
  • Rocket To The Sun (New***)  "Maddison Glover"
  • Stripes "Ria Vos"
  • Swing Time Boogie "Scott Blevins"
  • Tag On (New***) "David Villellas"
  • Tell The World (New***) "Robbie Mc Gowan Hickie"
  • The Galway Gathering (New***)  "Maggie Gallagher"
  • The Sky Is Coming Down (New)"Roy Verdonk &  Daniel Trepat"
  • The Songs
  • Ticket To The Blues (New***)  "Niels Poulsen"
  • Tornado (New***)  "Chrystel Durand"
  • Until The Dawn (New***)  "Gary Lafferty"
  • Upside Down (New***)  "Magali Chabret"
  • Wagon Wheel Rock "Yvonne Anderson"
  • We Only Live Once "Robbie Mc Gowan Hickie"
  • What A Feeling (New***)  "Eric Traversier"
  • Why Baby Why (New***) "Séverine Fillion"

RECAPITULATIF Saison 2014-2015

Mis à jour le 21/05/2015

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SEMAINES 18 et 20/2024

Nouveautés 2023-2024: 



"TEXAS HOLD' EM" de Guylaine Bourdages






"GOOD AT BEING BAD de Maggie Shipley"

"ELVIS TONIGHT" de Rob Fowler

et "GOOD TO BE" de Chrystel Durand

WORKSHOP à MORNANT (69) le Samedi 30 mars 2024:


* ELVIS TONIGHT de         Rob Fowler

* GOOD AT BEING BAD     de Maggie Shipley

* BABY WALKED IN de     Tina Argyle

*WHO NEEDS TO KNOW        de Joshua Talbot


    Gary O'Reilly


    de The Highlander

* FARMER de Arnaud          Marraffa

* I GOT A PROBLEM EZ      de Véronique Dailly

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